Modernize Your Manning Agency

Generate demand and increase customer confidence by streamlining your recruitment process with ShipHire - a unified, user-friendly, and world’s first GDPR-certified maritime recruitment system.

Gain easier access and insights

Our dashboard provides you with a hub to access all the information you need about your candidates with the click on a button. You can effortlessly gain insights into the stagewise status of candidates proposed from your end. insights and stay organized.

Shorten the recruitment cycle

ShipHire helps you shorten the recruitment cycle, allowing you to save valuable time and resources.

Boost your business

Build a reputation as the go-to agent for shipping companies and seafarers, with ShipHire's seamless and stress-free processes. By leveraging our platform, you can enhance your services and provide top-notch support. With ShipHire, you'll become the preferred choice for maritime crew managers and candidates seeking their next contract as the recruitment process is transparent and faster.


Simplify Crew Sourcing, Recruiting, and Management

Transform your manning operations with our robust yet simple-to-use Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Submit candidates with greater ease

We understand the challenges of managing multiple vacancies across various maritime companies. ShipHire simplifies this process by allowing you to review vacancies at different companies, match applicants with the best-suited contracts, and swiftly move the candidates through the hiring process.

Manage candidates

Keep a steady pool of qualified maritime talent for current and future vacancies with ShipHire. Our platform allows you to easily manage candidates, ensuring that you never run out of potential candidates for your clients.

Stay informed

With ShipHire, you'll never miss a beat in your hiring operations. Receive notifications when candidates apply or get recruited and when new vacancies are published by the crew manager. This allows, you to stay informed all time, anytime.

Stay Miles Ahead in the Game

ShipHire’s comprehensive platform adds ease and speed to your maritime hiring. But there's more. As a manning agency, you can use ShipHire’s platform either as a partner to our maritime clients or by independently joining our platform. Either way, you can access our features and tap into new business opportunities.

Establish your presence among esteemed maritime clients.
Promote your crewing services to a wider audience of employers and job seekers.
Build trust with clients using our GDPR-certified platform.

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